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Three fans of Maggie Davis' EAGLES.

Senator Barry Goldwater, former Presidential Candidate; President Ronald Reagan; and Vice President (soon to be President) George Bush.

EAGLES, a novel of the Air Force's F-15 fighter jet is available in E-Reads trade paperback and download at all online bookstores.




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A NOVEL OF NEW YORK CITY IN WW2 (winter of 42-43)

FLORIDA TIMES-UNION (Jacksonville) "A GREAT STORY...the battle scenes are gripping and riveting, reminiscent of the opening scenes from SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Part romance, part action and part intrigue (Stage Door Canteen) is full of rich detail. Carries the reader back to a time when the country was united against a common enemy, but did not know what was coming the next day."

FIVE STARS: Customer Reviews,

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  New York City, the capital of the free world, is dark, its lights turned off as enemy submarines lurk offshore, as close as Coney Island. Three men - a gunner from a B-17 bomber who's a national hero, a magazine editor uprooted from civilian life and attached to the Allied High Command, and the violence-stalked captain of a Royal Navy Merchant freighter - find their destinies linked with three volunteer hostesses from New York's famous Stage Door Canteen. Genevieve Rose is a beautiful Broadway Star in an experimental Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that seems headed for disaster. Elise Ginsburg is an indomitable young refugee from Hitler's terror.And Bernadine Flaherty is the ambitious, talented teenage dancer from Brooklyn hoping for her big show business break.

Against Manhattan's wartime glamour, GIs fresh from combat in North Africa and the Pacific find themselves dancing with the likes of the Stage Door Canteen's Katherine Hepburn and Ava Gardner. Food, whiskey and clothes are rationed, and spies are where one least expects to find them. Life is lived for the moment, love is passionate and often random, and those who can, snatch at a chance for happiness. For beyond the frenetic blackout, the entire world is fighting and dying.

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